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2011 ABOS MOC Overview of Board Certification Computer Administered Clinical Examination
Completing the Application Recertification Examinations


  • Please read the Rules and Procedures for 2010 document for Recertification Examinations.
  • Applications must be submitted online by May 1, 2009. Complete information must be provided for all items, and each must bear an entry where applicable. If any item in the application does not apply to you, check NONE where available, otherwise leave it blank.
  • Required documents to be mailed to the Board office by the May 1st deadline include:
  • Signature page with three (3) original signatures of the applicant.
  •  Current, original, notarized hospital and surgery center letters including appointment date (month, day, year  all three must be included) and type of appointment listed in item 7 of the application.
  •  Current, original letters of prior hospital privileges since certification or last recertification including appointment date listed in item 8 of the application.


  1. Your name as you want it to appear on your certificate.
  2. Please make certain that the social security number is correct. Be sure to include dashes (e.g., 123-45-6789)
  3. Office address and telephone number.  Only include the Country name if different than USA.
  4. Date of birth  give month, day and year
  5. Choose only one evaluation pathway for examination.  This is your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to choose an evaluation pathway.  You will be UNABLE TO CHANGE YOUR CHOICE after the application has been finalized.
  6. Do you have a subspecialty? Please list only one.  Subspecialty is defined as 50% or more of your time spent doing this type of orthopaedic surgery (i.e., adult reconstruction, sports medicine, spine, oncology, pediatrics, foot and ankle, trauma, or upper extremity).
  7. For each hospital/surgery center where you are currently on staff, you MUST SEND WITH YOUR APPLICATION, A CURRENT, ORIGINAL, NOTARIZED LETTER FROM THE HOSPITAL/SURGERY CENTER ADMINISTRATOR (CEO, Medical Director or Medical Director of the Surgery Center).  These letters must be notarized by the hospital/surgery center and must verify your appointment date and type of appointment.  If the hospital/surgery center does not have a notary, the hospital seal will be acceptable.  These letters must accompany your signature page.  Applications received without these letters are incomplete and will be returned.  Please list the name and current mailing address of the chief of staff, chief of orthopaedics and chief of surgery for each hospital.  For surgery centers, list only the name of the medical director.  Peer review forms are mailed to them for the Credentials Committee review through the US Postal Service.  If the Committee does not receive enough peer review forms from these physicians, you could be deferred for one year for the Committee to obtain enough information to evaluate your practice.
  8. Document prior practice location(s), associations or hospital/surgery center staff appointments since your certification or last recertification.  You must send with your application an original letter from each hospital/surgery center administrator (CEO, Medical Director or Director of the Surgery Center) stating dates of service, type of appointment held, reason for leaving, and that you left in good standing.  This letter need not be notarized.  Applications received without these letters are incomplete and will be returned.
  9. List current practice locations and previous practice locations since certification or last recertification in order from current practice first to oldest practice last.  List individuals who you are/were associated with if you are not a solo practitioner.
  10. List five certified orthopaedic surgeons NOT LISTED IN ITEMS 7 AND 9, who are familiar with your work and are in your geographical practice area (such as those physicians to whom you refer patients, but are not in your practice.  You may list emergency room physicians, internal medicine physicians or any other type of physician that may refer patients to you.).
  11. List all current and not current state licenses held since certification or last recertification.

   12-21.   Please answer yes or no.  If any item is marked yes, please explain in the area provided.

Once the application is complete, save the application, and hit the Finalize Application key.  If any items are left unanswered you will be prompted at this time to complete those items.  Once all the items are complete and the application finalizes, then you should be prompted to enter your credit card information to pay the application and credentialing fee of $975.00 online.  Once the payment has gone through successfully (you will be sent a receipt by email), you will be prompted to print the signature page.  Please sign the signature page in three (3) places and send it along with the letters required to the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Recertification Examination, 400 Silver Cedar Court, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514.

  • Letters of acceptance to the examination will be mailed to applicants in October, after the Credentials Committee meeting.  Once you have been notified of your application acceptance, you should go online to www.abos.org, type in your Username and Password, hit Login, then the MOC tab, click on Pay Exam Fee icon and enter your credit card information for the exam fee. You will be emailed a receipt.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the Board office of any change of address, practice association, status of hospital privileges, or hospital affiliation (including new affiliations you may acquire) after you have filed an application.
  • The Board office will not verbally confirm receipt of required application material.  Once the application has been received and processed, an email will be sent to you letting you know the application has been received.
  • Please print a copy of your completed application form for your records.


American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Recertification Department
400 Silver Cedar Court
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

2010 ABOS MOC Overview of Board Certification Computer Administered Clinical Examination
Completing the Application Recertification Examinations
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